What are North Korea's "Iskander" like missiles really

It are extended single-stage variants of  the "Pukguksong-1" as GLBM-3

Norbert Brügge, Germany

Upload: 26.03.2021

2021, March 25 -- North Korea has the launch of two PS GLBM-3
confirmed by photos.



2021, January 14 --The missile system shown on the parade is not the same as the GLBM-2 before. Adding a segment of about 1.1m makes the motor longer (PS GLBM-3). The transporter was adapted accordingly by adding an axle.
Note: Thanks to Luka Preradovic, who gave me the inspiration that the PS GLBM-3 has an extended motor compared to the PS GLBM-2.



North Korea's indigenous developmented solid-fuel rocket motor "PS110"