North Korea's indigenous developmented solid-fuel rocket motor "PS110"

Norbert Brügge, Germany

2016, March 24 -- Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that North Korea had successfully conducted a high-powered, solid-fuel rocket engine test.
“The test was aimed to examine the structural safety of the rocket engine newly designed and manufactured by the Korean style and its thrust and estimate the working specifications of heat separation system and other system,” the English version of the KCNA article reads.

In the context of this message, pictures from tests of this motor were published, which allowed first conclusions on the dimensions and possible uses. After using the motor in a first version of a missile, the Pukguksong-1 SLBM, the determined dimensions of the motor could be confirmed. The PS-1 SLBM was a smaller version of the upcoming PS-3 SLBM with 1.4 m diameter, shown on  the parade in 2017.

The motor has a diameter of 1.10 m and a total length of 3.2 m. The casing is as expected of metallic, the nozzle probably made of composite materials. The performance data of the motor are unknown.
It is assumed that for the development of all solid-fuel motors, both 1.1 m and 1.4 m in diameter, the Soviet RT-15M SLBM which has been retired since 1964, was used as a template.
 N.K. has sure illegally acquired the "wreck" someway.

Meanwhile arefour versions of the 1.1m-motor used in four different missiles: PS-1 SLBMPS GLBM-1PS GLBM-2PS GLBM-3.
Perspectively could be used wound-filament casings of carbon fiber compound material (see below).


Published pictures

The calculated diameter is 1.1 m


                             PS GLBM-2: Nozzle and jet vanes were changed



"Cold-start" unit

High pressure gas generator for SLBM's

2017, August 22:  KNCA spreads images of planned wound-filament casings of carbon-fiber compound material   Diameter 1.1 m ?