Is North Korea's new monstrous MLRS ("Pukguksong MLRS") a stretched Russian OTR Totchka (9M79) ?

Norbert Brügge, Germany

Upload: 11.09.2019

2019, Sept. 10 -- On this day North Korea fired missiles from its MLRS for the third time.

2019, Aug. 24 -- For the first time, North Korea presented detailed images of the new monstrous rocket of an MLRS, firing for the third time on this day. Unlike before (Juny 31 and Aug. 02), the launch of two missiles each from a 4-tube system (2 on 2), which is mounted on a vehicle with 6 wheels. The 3-tube system was before mounted on a wide tracked vehicle with 10 axles. The term "monstrous" refers to the unusual dimensions of the missile of this MLRS (KN-25).


What is the origin of this rocket ?

It is reported about a diameter of the tubes of about 70 cm, which could correspond to the facts. This suggests that the rocket has a diameter of about 60-65 cm. Since it is unlikely that North Korea has developed a completely new motor of this diameter, we should assume an existing solid-fuel motor. In this case, the motor of the Russian OTR Totchka (9M79) offers, which is demonstrably available to North Korea. The uncertainty, however, is whether the originaly nozzle withstands the thrust of a longer motor.

OTR "Totchka" (9M79

The "Totchka" motor has a diameter of 62 cm. If parts of motors for the OTR Totchka welded 3 times in a row results in the dimension (~ 8 m) a match with the photos of the rocket. The problem with the bulky 6 fins in the tube was solved elegantly.

We can see that the rocket has in the tube six round-folded fins, fixed by brackets.