Miscellaneous about space-rockets, missile-weapons and others


Russian space-rocket liquid propellant engines


German long-range rocket A-4 and their derivations


Ukrainian space-rocket liquid propellant engines


History of post-war rockets on base German "Wasserfall"


Energomash RD-170 rocket engine family


Early French EOLE, Veronique and Vesta rockets


Energomash RD-120 rocket engine family


German OTRAG rocket  project

 Kuznetsov NK rocket engine family  

The Truax X-3 "Volksrocket"



U.S. space-rocket liquid propellant engines


Soviet "Scud" missile family


Variants of the "stage and a half" drive system (MA) of the U.S. Atlas rocket


The Yemeni Burkan missile riddle


SpaceX Merlin-1 rocket engine evolution


R-16 missile engine RD-217 and its derivative


European space-rocket liquid propellant engines


Soviet liquid-fuel missiles of  R & UR designation


VEGA's solid rocket motors


Important Soviet solid fuel missiles                                                            + Ukrainian "Grom"



The first Soviet SAM-system V-300 (Berkut)


Asian space-rocket liquid propellant engines


SAM-system S-75 missiles (Dvina, Desna, Volkhov, 5Ya23)

 India's VIKAS engines and its relationship



India's solid rocket motors for PSLV and GSLV


Overview of Iskander-like SRBM's





Evolution of the U.S. Centaur upper stage


What we really know about the North Korean spacerockets and ballistic missiles


Evolution of the cryogenic upper stage engine P&W RL-10


The North-Korean/Iranian Nodong-Shahab missile family




North Korea's Unha SLV second stage engines


 Propulsion and History of the U.S. Agena upper stage


North Korea is developing a new large space launch vehicle (Unha-X)


The unique Little Joe booster rockets


The North Korean HS-10 ("Musudan") missile is based on the Soviet R-27 SLBM


 U.S. Pershing-I and Pershing-II missiles    North Korea's newest HS-12 missile


ATK Thiokol's solid fuel motors


North Korea's newest nuclear  HS-14 ICBM


ATK Thiokol's solid fuel STAR motors


North Korea's ultimate nuclear HS-15 ICBM


 P&W's solid fuel motor ORBUS


North Korea's nuclear HS-13 ICBM



North Korea's Pukguksong-1 solid-fuel SLBM



KB Isayev rocket engines  

North Korea's Pukguksong-2 solid-fuel GLBM


KB Isayev spacecraft-propulsion blocks (KTDU)


North Korea's Pukguksong-3 solid-fuel SLBM



Evolution of PO Lavochkin's space tug "Fregat"


North Korea's Pukguksong solid-fuel GLBM-1



     North Korea's Pukguksong  solid-fuel GLBM-2



Evolution of the Semyorka second stage (Block-I)


North Korea's Pukguksong solid-fuel MLRS



Proton-M upper stage "Breeze" (Briz)

   North Korea's indigenous developmented solid-fuel rocket motor "PS110"


Evolution of operational Block-D


Molniya launcher, Block-L upper stage


Soviet R-27 SLBM and the reuse of its steering engines by North Korea and Iran


Vostok launcher, Block-E upper stage



BV "Volga" and relationships to other propulsion units


What we really know about the Iranian spacerockets and ballistic missiles




Iran's new space launch vehicle "Simorgh IRILV"


India's liqid-propellant SRBM "Prithvi"


Iran's first space launch vehicle "Safir IRILV"

 India's solid-fuel missile "Agni"  

Insights into the origin and evolution of the Iranian Safir rocket


India's VIKAS engines and its relationships


Iran's Sejil missile


India's GSLV cryogenic upper stage (CUSP)


Iran's mysterious missile "Khorramshahr"




Iran's Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center (IKSLC)


Chinese DF-3 missile


 Iran's missile launch complex near Shahrud (ISSLC)


Chinese DF-5 missile


Iran's liquid fuel suborbital rocket "Kavoshgar-8"




Iran's future human space program


The striking similarity of some Chinese and Pakistani solid fuel missiles


Iran's new sounding rocket Shahin-333


Chinese SpaB solid fuel aerospace motors


China's Sace Tugs


Iraqi homemade Al-Samoud SRM

 History of China's YF-21/24 rocket engines  

Iraqi homemade Al-Fat'h SRM



Iraqi BADR-2000 missile project

 U.A.R. Egypt's former missile development program  



Lebanon's forgotten "Cedar" rocket program


MDA Target LV's

 Poland's forgotten "Meteor" sounding rocket program


MDA Interceptor LV's


Minuteman ICBM

     Some U.S. VTVL demonstrators (Armadillo/Masten & Delta-Clipper DC-X)