The "Grace-1" (Adrian Darya) spectacle


August/September 2019

The tanker "Adrian Darya-1" was to reach its destination on September 03, but is disappeared without a trace on September 02, according to the transponder, off the Syrian coast. We must assume that we were exposed to an ingenious deception concerning the route traveled. A manipulated transponder may have been used to disguise the actual route. That would also explain the tanker's strange time-consuming turns according the transponder since August 29. So it was possible to reach its destination (Baniyas?) undetected and unload its cargo days earlier. Now the unloaded tanker is since days offshore at anchor near the Russian naval base Tartus.





September 20
AD1 (?) at the horizon

September 28
AD1 is sailed 35 km to north

October 01
The empty (?) AD1 has a visit
October 08
Why the tankers rotated by 180 ?

Suspected route
 of the unloaded (?) tanker

The AD1, spotted on September 03
 70 km western of Tartus naval base

The unloaded (?) AD1, spotted on September 06, 08 and 15
The dimensions (330 x 58m) and color (green) of the upper deck are correct.

2019, Sept. 03 -- No information about the whereabouts of "Adrian Darya-1".
2019, Sept. 02 -- As expected, the tanker changes course about 10h UTC and sailing slowly back (towards Syrian waters). Around 14h UTC, the final act begins with an increased speed. Now the transponder has been switched off since hours.

2019, Sept. 01 -- Chaos or not (?). The tanker goes "For Order" to south and quasi stopped then in international waters near the Russian naval base Tartus. The AD1 has before reported that will reach its destination on September 03 at 06:00 UTC.
2019, Aug. 31 -- About 14.20 UTC the tanker AD1 changed the destination from "Iskenderun" again to "For Order". The tanker makes a turn over, sails back and then moves to a waiting position in a circle.
2019, Aug. 30 -- The course is mysterious. After a renewed panning and nocturnal sailing to the south, the new destination "Iskenderun" was added in the system at 6h UTC. So it goes back to the last position from August 28.
2019, Aug. 29 -- It is a total surprise. In the past hours (10h UTC started) the tanker has radicaly changed its course from about 80 NE to 265 W, and sailing now back. Goes  the tanker "For Order" towards the Aegean.
2019, Aug. 28 -- Today, between 16 and 17 UTC, the tanker has changed its course further by about 15 to NE.
2019, Aug. 27 -- The (Russian) tanker "Adrian Darya-1" has made an abrupt change of course by about 30 to NE and is now probably on its way to Syria

2019, Aug. 26
--  Iran has sold the oil of the tanker "Adrian Darya-1" (!). "The Islamic Republic has sold the oil from this ship, now the owner and buyer will decide on the destination of the cargo," said the Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei according to the News agency IRIB. The spokesman did not comment on who bought the oil.......(probably Russia)

2019, Aug. 25 -- The confusion continues. The destination Mersin has been canceled. Now it is called "For Order".

2019, Aug. 24 -- The Adrian Darya 1 udated its listed destination in its Automatic Identification System to Mersin, Turkey, a port city in the country's south and home to an oil terminal. However, the course remains still unclear and will intended probably to hide the planned goal. Soon, the turn will come to SE or NE..
2019, Aug. 23 -- Around 14.00 UTC, the tanker abruptly changes the course by ~ 45 to SE and does not sailing as expected into the Tyrrhenian Sea.
2019, Aug. 22 -- The previous way of the tanker leaves no conclusion to the further route. It is speculated about an upcoming transshipment (ship-to ship) of the cargo.

2019, Aug. 21 -- Iran's semi-official ILNA news agency said the tanker Adrian Darya 1 is currently leased to National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). "The Adrian Darya vessel needs no escort,"said the head of the Revolutionary Guards' navy, Alireza Tangsiri. It is worth noting that the Adrian Darya is a Korean-made oil tanker now owned by Russia (!).

2019, Aug. 19 --
The supertanker is now on the way on the eastern Mediterranean. The port of Kalamata in Greece was entered in the automatic identification system. However, the port is not suitable for receiving a supertanker and also not informed. Presumably, the goal is to bring the tanker as soon as possible in the vicinity of safe territorial waters, and finally to unite with a military escort. An Iranian frigate, which had passed the Suez Canal in 2011, could still be in Syrian waters. But attention, Haifa is also not far away.

2019, Aug. 18 -- The detained Iranian supertanker "Grace 1" can finally leave Gibraltar. The British government has rejected the US request to seize the ship. The authorities in Gibraltar referred to EU law. The EU sanctions regime against Iran is fundamentally different from that of the United States, Gibraltar's government said. This is a wise and sovereign decision of British Gibraltar. But now it could be really dangerous.
A new crew should now take over the tanker, which now operates under the Iranian flag and has been renamed "Adrian Darya 1". Hossein Khanzadi, commander of the Iranian Navy, has offered to pick up the tanker with a military escort (!).

Course between August 28 and September 02 according the transponder