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"Space Technology"

2017, Feb. 01: 9th National Day of Space Technology
The "Saman-1", made by the ISRC technicians, is a kick-stage. An independent thruster-system is used to increase to circular orbit.

2018, Dec. 31: ISRC exibition
"Saman-1" presented in reworked design

Comparison of Arash-22 and Saman-1 motors

"Arash-22" solid fuel motor


On display new kick stage (?)



Other concepts  before 2017

For comparison: A North Korean kick motor




Carbon fibre case for the Fajr satellite cold gas propulsion system

Small carbon-case for solid fuel push rockets ?


Nozzles for solid fuel motors (left Sejil ?)

Model of a gimballed rocket engine

Thruster with stop/start capability

Nozzle and thrusters for a future satellite apogee motor