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Simorgh IRILV (2020)

  Zafar-1 launcher MRS.C001

2020, Feb. 09, 19:18 (local time)

Ignition 19:18:13

Cut-off 19:19:57 (after 104sec !)
As a result, the first stage was filled with about 9 t less fuel

Simorgh MRS.C001 the in hangar

2020, Feb. 09 -- Iran space agency official says the rocket was launched on 19:18 (local time) successfully and could reach 541 km altitude. But unfortunately the required speed of 7,400 m/sec was not reached to put the satellite into orbit. The reported final speed of 6,533 m/sec was clearly too low for this. The video transmission abruptly stops at 19:21. The second stage seems to have exploded after 75 seconds of burning time.

2020, Feb. 08 -- Launching of Iranís Zafar satellite into space has been postponed, Murtaza Barari, Chairman of Iranian Space Agency (ISA) said in an interview to Iranís Fars News Agency.The reason of postponing is the proceeding with caution and avoiding any undue haste. The launch should be today, and is postponed to the end of the week (!?)

2020, Feb. 07 -- Iran will launch its Zafar satellite at the earliest possible opportunity, spokesman for the Iranian Defence Ministry's Space Group Ahmad Hosseini said om Friday 07. He said that some 200 main processes have been accomplished by 30 teams and all the infrastructures have been prepared for the operation.


2020, Feb. 04 -- The Simorgh with the satellite on board is ready for refueling. The rolling gate at the assembly tower is still closed. No activities outside.
The declared launch window is 1-11 February.