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Simorgh IRILV (2015)


Although Iran's Simorgh launcher (Safir-2) in the well-known design so far is not been in use, is it already a "phase-out model". A launch of a Simorgh was repeatedly announced and is up to now since 2010 permanently uncertain.
It imposes itself on the suspicion that the Simorgh rocket, as it is presented, in reality is only an unrealized version of the North Korean Unha-1, and Iran obviously is no longer interested (or has not enough money) to qualify this version.

Or what is right - The Simorgh model again was shown in 2015.

Back from the museum: The Simorgh IRILV is on display again in August 2015 !


 Center exhaust pipe: Turbopump for steering engines ! 

Second stage with 2x2 LRE-4 (4D10V) engines



Combustor dimensions of Safir/Simorgh second stage engine LRE-4 (left)
and perhaps future Simorgh (Sarir?) second stage engine LRE-X (right)