What are the dimensions of Iran's new "Soleimani" missile

Norbert Brügge, Germany


The new "Soleimani" or "Haj Qasem" missile has a diameter of about 0.91m and is 11.5m long. The RV with a diameter of 0.68 m was adopted from the "Dezful" missile and is mounted on conical adapter. In the long line of similar missiles, starting with the artillerie rocket "Zelzal", followed by the "Fateh-110" variants up to "Zolfaghar" / "Dezful", the "Soleimani" missile has a new quality. Except for the "Raad-500", which is the first missile with a composute fiber filament wound motor casing, all other missiles in the series, allegedly beginning with Fateh-110  have not a composite casing.

Note: In the meantime, two new variants
("Khyber Shekan" and "Fattah") have been introduced, which have a significantly higher range than the previous variants. The "Fattah" is equipped with a maneuverable RV. The "Soleimanie" missile does not appear to be for mass production.





Some interesting pictures from the Fateh propulsion


Zelzal-2 nozzle

Fateh-110 nozzle

Fateh RV propulsion unit

Dezful RV propulsion unit