What are the dimensions of Iran's new "Soleimani" missile



The new "Soleimani" or "Haj Qasem" missile has a diameter of about 0.91 m and is 11.5 m long. The RV with a diameter of 0.68 m was adopted from the "Dezful" missile and is mounted on conical adapter. In the long line of similar missiles, starting with the artillerie rocket "Zelzal", followed by the "Fateh-110" variants up to "Zolfaghar" / "Dezful", the "Soleimani" missile has a new quality. Except for the "Raad-500", which is the first missile with a carbon fiber filament wound motor casing, all other missiles in the series, allegedly beginning with Fateh-313 have a simple composite motor casing.

Iranian source says: "Haj Qasem represents a new missile for Irans tactical solid fuel arsenal. It started with the Fateh-110, which switched to a composite motor casing variant with the Fateh-313. It continued with the second system, the Zolfaghar, which was then weight optimized to result in the Dezful variant.
As third system, the Haj Qasem is well in the MRBM range category and offers new growth potential. Compared to the previous Zolfaghar missiule, it weights 7000kg instead of 4600kg, has a diamter of ~90cm instead of 67cm but is just ~70cm longer at ~11m. Like the Zolfaghar, it uses a composite motor casing that is not wound by carbon-fiber. The earlier unveiled Raad-500 missile of the IRGC organization has a carbon fiber filament wound motor casing."





Some interesting pictures from the Fateh propulsion


Zelzal-2 nozzle

Fateh-110 nozzle

Fateh RV propulsion unit

Dezful RV propulsion unit