What are the dimensions of the new Iranian Salman TVC solid-fuel rocket motor

Norbert Brügge, Germany

 Update: 25.08.2020

Iran is now able to manufacture carbon filament motor cases for solid-fuel missile. The new Raad-500 missile and a solid-fuel motor called Salman TVC were recently presented in a video.
The Raad-500 is the successor to the Fateh-110 and its variants and has a now a carbon filament case.

The Salman TVC motor is of greater interest. According to my newest analysis, the diameter is 1.00 m.
The simple carbon casing would be 1.50 m long and the swiveling composite nozzle would be around 0.78 m long.
My analysis is based on comparative measurements in images taken from the video. In this context, the Raad-500 with the determined diameter of 0.60 m and the trestle of 0.48 m height were the basis.

The Salman TVC motor operate as the second stage for the new Qased SLV that successful launched with a military satellite "Noor-1" on April 22, 2020. This has been confirmed by the Iranian side.

Raad-500 (dimension)

Raad-500 diameter is probably 0.60 m similar Fateh

Salman TVC (dimension)
Determined on base the photos of Raad-500