First version of PS-3 SLBM

North Korea's large "Pukguksong-3" two stage solid-fuel SLBM

Norbert Brügge, Germany

Update: 28.10.2021

2020, October 10 -- At the parade on the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party, a Pukguksong-4 was shown.  It is not identical to the PS-3 SLBM. The PS-4 has a larger diameter and the escort signals that it is a GLBM.

2019, October 03 -- North Korea has posted pictures of the successful launch the Pukguksong-3 SLBM on 2nd October 2019. It is a test version, without reentry warhead, nor the skirt with grid-fins. The launch was made from an underwater barge. For loading of this missile into a submarine is a larger class required. Such is under construction, as recently published pictures suggest.


2019, September 13 -- Due to the recently unequivocally determined tires of the transporter with the missile on the parade in April 2017 we have to report a diameter of 1.4 m for a SLBM.
Thanks to Markus Schiller, st-analytics, Munich, for the beneficial discussion about the diameter of this presented missile. We can be pretty sure that we see on the parade the already announced Pukguksong-3 SLBM. This means that the PS-3 SLBM uses the same motors as the PS-2 GLBM. But this PS-3 SLBM is not yet tested in flight. In addition, a larger sized submarine is needed.
 Thus, the variant known as PS-1 SLBM is a smaller SLBM version with a diameter of 1.1 m. The motor was shown in a test mode by North Korea.

2017, August 22:  KNCA spreads images of planned wound-filament casings of carbon-fiber compound material in connection with an PS-3 SLBM


PS-3 SLBM !?

Diameter 1.4 m ?


2021, October -- The old model of the PS-3 from the parade in 2017 at an exhibition.

The originally constant black stripes are now broken with a thin white line to confuse us.

2017, April 15 -- Pictures of Pukguksong-3 SLBM, seen on the parade.



 Analysis diameter


A visual difference to the PS-1 is the uninterrupted black stripes



Nozzle bay + Skirt with grid fins

Wall reinforcing winding ?