Iran's Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center (IKSLC)

2021, Dec. 30 -- Iran has launched a Simorgh SLV. An official spokesman said that for the first time three payloads were placed at the same time at an altitude of 470 km. The final speed achieved is said to be 7350 m / s, which makes a successful mission questionable.

2021, Dec. 11 -- It looks like a new satellite launch is imminent. In a recent satellite photo, the assembly building is again above the launchpad.

2021, June 21
-- The US space command speaks of a failure on June 12th. If that is true, the June 20th images can only mean that the launcher has not lifted off and is being removed. Defect has probably occurred that needs to be repaired.

TEHRAN, 2020, Feb. 09 -- Iran space agency official says the rocket was launched on 19:18 (local time) successfully and could reach 541 km altitude. But unfortunately the required speed of 7,400 m/sec was not reached to put the satellite into orbit. The reported final speed of 6,533 m/sec was clearly too low for this.

TEHRAN, 2020, Jan. 18 -- Iran has announced that it will use the Simorgh to transport the 113 kg satellite "Zafar-1" into an earth orbit of 530 km in the period up to February 11.

2019, September 01 --  After the disaster at the Semnan LS, the preparations for the launch of the Simorgh have obviously been interrupted.
2019, August 29
-- A satellite image of 27 August documents the upcoming launch of a Simorgh SLV. The assembly gantry positioned over the launch pad to mount the rocket.



TEHRAN, 2019, January 15 -- The Simorgh launch on this day was a failure. The Payam satellite did not reach enough speed for put into the orbit because the third stage "Saman-1" not functioned. In my Calculation only a final speed of 6,450 m/sec reached. Although the satellite is still reaching further altitude, it falls back to earth after losing of its speed (to zero).

2019, January 08 -- New images indicate Iran is preparing to launch a remote sensing satellite into space. The high-resolution satellite images, captured by Planet Labs on January 4, 6 and 7, show activity at the Imam Khomeini Space Center consistent with steps that were taken prior to a previous launch in 2017, according to researchers at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

TEHRAN, 2017, July 27 -- Iranian semi-official media are reporting that Iran has successfully launched the Simorgh  rocket. The semi-official Fars news agency, reported the launch and said it was successful. The Imam Khomeini Space Centre was officially opened with the test of the Simorgh space launch vehicle", state television said.  Shahrabi (Iranian offical) said in an interview: "The launch yesterday, did not put a satellite in orbit".

2016, April 21 -- The launch of the Simorgh space launch vehicle two days ago was judged by U.S. intelligence agencies to be (partly) successful but did not reach orbit, said defense officials familiar with reports of the test.
Russian Ministry of Defence has told that suborbital launch of unknown ballistic missile has been occured at 09:33 UTC on April 19th and, according to preliminary data, was successfull. The burned out rocket impacted in the southern part of Iran. Two radars, in Armavir and in Orsk (Russia), have the launch registered.

TEHRAN, 2016, March 15 -- Head of Iran’s National Space Center Manouchehr Manteqi announced that the country will launch the indigenous “Simorgh” satellite carrier for test in early spring. Manteqi told the Tasnim News Agency that the missile will be launched in three phases: two test launches, one of which will take place in the coming weeks and the other in late summer, and a third launch, which will most probably take place in early 2017.

2016, Feb. 18
-- US-Intelligence agencies watching preparations to test a Simorgh space launch vehicle in this month. A large liquid-fueled rocket was observed on the
launch pad.

TEHRAN, 2016, Feb. 12 --
Defense minister told a few days ago that the rocket (Simorgh) was transferred to the launch pad but the launch was postponed for some reason to a better time.

TEHRAN, 2016,  Feb. 02 --
Secretary of Iran’s Technology Development Manouchehr Manteghi says that within 2 months Simorghs first flight test will occur and also the inaugurations of the first phase of Imam Khomeini space center will be inaugurated. Toloo satellite will be launched, the Simorgh SLV test is successful, in August/September time frame.

History of press statements
TEHRAN, 2015, April 05 -- Iran's national space center (IKSLC) will start work early this Iranian year (which began on March 21) upon an order by President Hassan Rouhani and under the supervision of the scientific and technological department of the presidential office. The Head of Iran's National Space Center Jahangir Jodai announced that the center will start work in coming months.

Baku, 2015, January 31 -- Priority to restructure Iranian Space Agency is in line with the government's policy to promote knowledge-based economy, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani said, IRNA reported.
Rouhani's statement came out amid Iran's preparation to launch the "Sharif" satellite into space by February 11, 2015.
Iran's vice president for executive affairs Mohammad Shariatmadari told Fars News Agency on Nov.14 that Iran's Defense Ministry has announced readiness for launching the satellite.

TEHRAN, 2013, June 09 -- Iran will inaugurate Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center by the end of the incumbency of the current administration in August, the Mehr News Agency quoted Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi as saying. Vahidi had previously said that the Toloo satellite would be sent into space aboard the Simorgh satellite-carrier rocket from the Imam Khomeini space center. A number of satellites are scheduled to be launched in the coming weeks, Vahidi added. The Imam Khomeini base will launch Iranian satellites as well as those of other regional countries.

TEHRAN, 2012, Aug. 11
-- Iran has revealed new details on the new space center. According to the Head of Iranian Space Agency, Hamid Fazeli, the new space center is being built in the South-East of Iran in Chabahar region (?). "The place in Chabahar was selected due to higher security availability, and lower population density in the area," Hamid Fazeli explained. "Iranian Space Agency is monitoring the work, and the center will be completed soon." Fazeli said that this center will allow to launch bigger and heavier satellites into orbit, adding that this center is not a military structure.
Note: Now this statement is refuted

TEHRAN, 2012, June 02 -- Iran is in the completion of a new space center that will allow it soon to launch more domestically made satellites into orbit. Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said that 80 percent of the space center's construction is over. The new space center bears the name of the Imam Khomeini, he said. As a first step, the minister said, the Toloo Satellite will be launched by Simorgh orbital carrier rocket from the Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center.

TEHRAN, 2012, Febr. 14
-- Iran will launch satellites with the Simorgh carrier from a new space port. There would be a new round of space progression in Iran by 2013. The country will launch Toloo and Fajr satellites and will improve its carriers by efforts by experts in this regard.
The Simorgh satellite carrier which is capable of carrying satellites with 100 kg to 500 km orbit, possesses 4 engines and final tests are implemented on it.
The Toloo satellite built by Iran's electronic industry affiliated with defense ministry will launched by Simorgh satellite carrier built by air and space industry of defense ministry. The Simorgh launcher also will be capable to put satellites into GTO orbits. Then thruster of satellite will put satellite into 36,000 km GEO. The satellite carrier Simorgh is built soon.

TEHRAN, 2012, Febr. 10
-- Iran plans to launch heavy satellites into orbit and is setting up a new launch base to put such types of satellites, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said. Vahidi said that the base will be used to launch one-ton satellites into an orbit of 1,000 kilometers. He said that among Iran's next year plans was the launch of Toloo and Fajr satellites into orbit. Vahidi also said that Iran is planning to launch satellites into orbits of up to 36,000 kilometers next year.

BAKU, 2012, Feb. 09 -- Iran will unveil satellite space center in the beginning of next Iranian year (starts on March 21), Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said, ISNA reported. Vahidi added that
work on the center is complete by 75 percent. "We hope that next year we will be able to put it into operation," he added. Vahidi also said that Iran plans to establish a test area for space engines. The area is to be constructed by country's scientists, and is planned to be put into operation next year.

TEHRAN, 2011, Nov. 19
-- Director of Iran Space Agency Hamid Fazeli announced that the Islamic Republic plans to build a civil satellite launch center. The center will be established with the cooperation of the Defense Ministry in the southeastern area of the country. The area is the safest location to establish the base as it is located near the Indian Ocean and has few inhabitants. The base will be active in various fields such as launching navigational and communication satellites as well as biological capsules. The satellites will be placed in geocentric orbit, near the equatorial zone, in order to reduce expenses of launching and orbit maneuver.

"Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center" under construction (2012 Sept.)

What is the height of the assembly building ?

Images from the Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center (2014/2015)

First images from the Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center in the building phase

Sequence 25:40 to 27:30

The new facility of the Imam Khomeini Space Launch Center is located 2600 m northeast from the Safir launch pad.
Location: 35°14'15"N / 53°57'00"E.
The facility is very different to the North Korean Sohae launch tower. The composition is similar the assembly tower in the hall of the Space Research and Test Center. The rocket will be stacked in the assembly building (when it finished probably  48 m high ; on the photo already ~46 m).



 Iran's Space Research and Test Center"


Note: The pictures show scenes from the inauguration of the new Space Research Center nearby Semnan on January 31, 2011. The about 33m height research hall with an assembly tower inside is remarkable and is not builded for a Safir-1 IRILV stacking. The shown rocket is but a  Safir-e-Omid and was set up only for the day of the inauguration. Here will be a new launcher tested and qualified.

"Iranian Space Research Center" under construction. DigitalGlobe: 2010, Febr.




"Iranian Space Research Center" in 2012, Sept.
Location: 35°15'30"N / 53°57'15"E