My analysis to Iranian and Yemeni cruise missiles
Ya-Ali, Quds, Soumar, Hoveizeh, Abu-Mehdi

Norbert Brügge, Germany



Yemeni Quds

The story of the "Quds" cruise missiles began on 03 December 2017 with an attack on a target in the United Arab Emirates. There is a revealing video that was published by the Houthis.
The launch point must have been done far in the Saudi Arabian desert, otherwise the target would not have been reached. For this version speaks, because can be seen in the video, the rotating rotor blades of a ready-to-go helicopter. The launch of a "Quds" is certainly authentic, but was probably faulty. Foolishly, the sequence of a launching Iranian "Soumar" was added to the video.

After a break of 18 months, the "Quds" was deployed on 07 June 2019 in a devastating attack on the near Abha airport in Saudi Arabia. Found debris clearly comes from a "Quds".

Weeks later, on 12 July 2019, the Yemeni group Ansar Allah (Houthis) unveiled weapons that it has been using to attack Saudi Arabia in recent months, including the ground-launched cruise missile "Quds" that have been used to attack Abha International Airport.

Unprecedented is the concerted attack on the ARAMCO infrastructure on 14 September 2019, involving several "Quds" cruise missiles. In this case, too, it must be concluded that the attack took place on Saudi Arabian territory when the range of the "Quds" of about 700 km is taken into account.

A second cruise missile attack on nearby Abha airport took place on 29 August 2019. A military Houthi spokesman said in a tweet.


Yemeni Cruise missile "Quds" is significantly smaller than "Soumar", and "Ya-Ali" is smaller as "Quds"

Yemeni Cruise missile "Quds" uses not the TBS TJ-100 turbo engine !
(TBS Aerospace Inc. is an American company (Atlanta) with a branch in Czech Republic)

The Quds-1 engine is a brand new replica of the TJ-100, from an unknown manufacturer, and is called T10S


Iranian Ya-Ali



            Ya-Ali missile inside !                                                                  Cruise missile "Ya-Ali" uses Czech TJ-100 turbo engine, and is inline the body


Ianian Soumar

Cruise missile "Soumar" uses Soviet Kh-55 R95-300  turbo engine


Iranian Hoveizeh



Cruise missile "Hoveizeh" uses Iranian Toloo-4 turbo engine (copy of French TRI-60 variant)



Iranian Abu-Mehdi


No differences to Hoveizeh noticeable


Iranian cruise missile turbo engines: We can guess what is what