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Hydro- and Subvolcanic Structures in the Region of Gilf Kebir (Egypt/Libya)

Update: 16.12.2019

Clayton Craters

        Crater Inside (2)    
         Crater Bottom    
 Dykes (4) White Trachyte (4)
 White Trachyte (3)          
  Basaltic Plug on uplifted Basement (22°18'01''N / 25°24'15''E)  
Basaltic plug (2) A large northern crater (3)      


"Peter & Paul" area

  "Peter & Paul"   Granite in the foreground   Trachyte Plug    


Gilf Kebir Crater Field GKCF

GKCF-13 GKCF-13 (7)
GFCK-13/Southern side GFCK-13/Rim (2) GKCF-13/Layers GKCF-13/Breccia (4)
Crater field GKCF (3) Craters Erected layers (3) GKCF-07/Rim
GKCF-01 GKCK-01/Rim (2)    GKCF-01/ Rim (3) GKCF-01/Rim (2)
GKCF-01/Rim GKCF-01/Breccia GKCF-01/Breccia basement GKCF-01/Breccia  GKCF-01 & GKCF-05/Breccia GKCF-13/Solutions GKCF-01/Changed arenite  
 Small Crater GKCF-02 (2)  GKCF-06 ?    "Red Hill" with uplifted red layers (2)
 Rim of a small Crater (5)  Small Crater (2) Tilted Layers
 Erected Layers (2) Basalt Hills "Red Hill" Uplifted Breccias (3)
Fused Sandstone (4) Breccia (2) Large Crater Basalt Hill
 Basalt plug into a Crater Enormous Basalt Hill (2) "Beacon Hill" (2) Basalt Hill (3)
 Crater Field nearby Jasper Mountain (6) Hydrovolcanic Structure Hydrovolcanic Pipes

GKCF: Northern Gilf Kebir Plateau & western and northern foreland

Many volcanic Fissures with erected layers between Wadi Sura and Aqaba (6)

Hydrovolcano (Um Ras)

Ring intrusion

Basalt hill on top of plateau

 "Kebira" structure: Volcanic plugs



GKCF: Southern Gilf Kebir Plateau (Kemal-el-Din Plateau)

Large Crater on plateau Depression outside of Wadi Mashi with Basalt debris and Quartz Basalt Locations (Loc) Basalt Wadi Mashi (Loc-3)  Trachyte Wadi Wassa
Large basaltic Plug in the Wadi Akhdar (Loc-2) Another striking Plug in the Wadi Akhdar (Loc-1) Basalt Wadi Dayiq (Loc-4)  Crater inside with Basalt (Loc-5) Twin peak Basalt (Loc-6)
Trachyte or Basalt in a northern Wadi (Loc-7) Trachyte in a Wadi on east side of Gilf  Kebir (Loc-8) Trachyte in the Wadi Mashi (Loc-9)
Trachyte with included tuber of Iron oxide; Wadi Mashi Small Ring-dyke, Mouth of Wadi Mashi Trachyte Bubble, Wadi Dayiq
Trachyte (Loc-10)  Trachyte in the Wadi Akhdar (Loc-12)  Basalt Wadi Akhdar (Loc-11)      


GKCF: Great Sand Sea

Crater "El-Baz" (3)

Sakhret-al-Amud (3)

Great Sand Sea

"Qaret el Hanash" near Silica field: Igneous breccia contain glass, basement debris, jasper and large dark diamonds

Carbon+diamonds in sediment

Magnetite-rich Silica boulder
Breccia-bearing sandstone south of Siwa Oasis Crater-shaped structures SE of Siwa Oasis      


GKCF: "Jasper Mountain"

Jasper Crater

Jasper Mountain

 Blood Jasper


Quartz, Chalcedony

Photos by Ursula Steiner, Switzerland (6)

Gilf Kebir, Wadi Hamra


GKCF: "Regenfeld"

Hydrovolcanic Pipes (6) Destroyed Pipes Hydrovolcanic Structure
            Uplifted Layers


Crater "White Spot" and further structures (Jebel Uweinat)


Crater "White Spot" Crater "White Spot" Basalt/"White Spot"

Quartz crystals (Italia plateau)

Volcanic plug/Karkur Talh Basalt columns on Plateau

Lamprophyre (?) dyke  (Wadi Wahesh, nearby the Hassanein  plateau) Volcanic Tracks in the Karkur Talh area Dyke/Foreland


Craters Arkenu (Libya)

         Breccias (2)    
Brecciated crater rim (2) Arkenu-1: Yellow Jasper in silicified sandstone - formed by hydrovolcanic solutions (3)  Trachyte? (3)
  Two Craters 40 km WNW (2) SW of Arkenu Craters Crater southeast of Arkenu Craters (2) Erected Layers Dyke NW of Jabal Arkenu


Crater Oasis (Libya)

        Centre     Central Uplift
 Plugs with Sandstone on top; 100 km WNW (2) Northern Plugs  Dyke 50 km SW; Dyke Structures Large Dyke south of Kufra Dyke/Babain Plug/Babain


Crater B.P. (Libya)

        Central Uplift  Panorama    
  Ten photos by ""