Examples of how a smoldering conflict (US/Israel-Iran) escalates

 by fakes and sneaky operations

by Norbert Brügge, Germany

December 28, 2021
Another massive Israeli missile attack on the port of Latakia (Syria).

December 06, 2021
Israel attacks the port of Latakia (Syria) from the air with missiles and destroys loaded containers that were shipped from Iran.

September 27, 2021
A mysterious explosion occurred at an IRGC secret missile factory of Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group.

 August 10, 2021
The attacks continue. An obviously loaded tanker burns in the port of Latakia (Syria), presumably after an explosion.

August 03, 2021
A mysterious hijack took place August 3rd in the open Arabian Sea, off the coast of Oman. Under cover of darkness, an unrecognized armed group enterred the tanker "Asphalt Princess". After a few hours the ship was abandoned again. For logistical reasons, the operation base for the group must have been near the tanker (submarine ?). Certainly they will have obscured their identity and have set a false track.
Who attacker has accomplished this covert and risky action and what was the purpose? Very clear: Uncertainty and, of course, mood against Iran.

July 29/30, 2021
Another attack on a tanker in the Modus on May 09. Two people were killed on the Zodiac Maritime Ltd.  tanker "Mercer Street". Of course, Israel is blaming Iran for this contemptuous attack in the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Oman. The accusation by Israel speaks for itself. This action is intended to push-on the mood against Iran. The new method of submarine attacks is the "drone trick" because the "limpet mine trick" has become implausible. Oh, how stupid are those who do not recognize the real aggressor.
The computer-controlled projectile penetrated the deck of the Navigation bridge vertically, so no UAV !

The now documented course of the event gets a special note because one of two drones on the vessel crashed one day before the deadly attack without causing any damage. Some puny parts of the wreckage are presented, which are said to have come from an Iranian drone. It could have been a fake attack to lay a false track, because the warhead was obviously NOT laden. The analysis of the  U.S. Central Command is ridiculous.

July 05, 2021
A huge fire in the Shahid Sani Khani military factory by a sabotage act. Shahid Sani Khani (SSK) is a subordinate of Shahid Bagheri Industrial Group (SBIG), and is involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program.
Note: It always goes on and Iran is still not fighting back.

June 02, 2021
A large fire has erupted at Tondguyan Oil Refinery near Tehran. What a strange video. It has the tank in the visier before it collapses. Sabotage?

Iranian Navy’s largest vessel, the replenishment oiler “IRIS Kharg”, burned and sank off the coast of Jask Port (Iran). 25 people aboard have reportedly suffered burns.
Note: Are now the attacks even extended into Iranian waters ? The hull of the ship must have suffered considerable damage.

Mai 09, 2021
An video posted on social media shows explosions aboard a tanker off the coast of Baniyas. It is NOT the "Arman 114" (formerly "Adrian-Darya-1") that was already to be hit on April 24th. It is a small tanker (also not "Wisdom" again). The damages must be devastating, because for the first time the command tower of a tanker was also the target of an attack.

April, 24, 2021
A tanker burns after an attack in front of Baniyas port (Syria). Some people were killed by an explosion. There is a photo of the damage that suggests the deck was penetrated by a guided  projectile (no drone) and the explosion spread inside the ship. Meanewhile ist clear that the burning tanker was not an Iranian vessel, but a Beirut-registered tanker called "Wisdom" which has just assisted the Iranian supertanker "Arman 114" (former "Adrian-Darya-1") by offloading. It may be that the Iranian supertanker was the real target.
Iran’s Armed Forces chief Mohammad Bagheri threatened to “teach Israel a very good lesson,” appearing to hint the Jewish state was behind an attack on an Iranian tanker off Syria’s coast over the weekend. Bagheri told reporters: "The moves made in the past few days and future moves against their interests will bring them to their senses".

April 21, 2021
A missile identified as a Russian-made S-200 ("Dubna"?) exploded in the Israeli Negev desert, near the "Dimona" nuclear power plant. Most likely it came out of Syria from Iranian brigades operating there. The rocket was not recognized and intercepted due to the surprise effect and its high ballistic trajectory of up to 40 km. In contrast to the action on the "Tomer" factory that was hit, the nuclear power plant was not the target. It was just a warning. The missile downfalled in Cyprus is likely a disoriented and self-destroyed S-200.

April 20, 2021
A powerful explosion took place at a sensitive defense „Tomer“ factory area in central Israel. The company manufactures missiles for use by the IDF and other Israeli defense systems. There are so far no reports of casualties. There should be great damages.
Note: It was not an accident during an engine test. The explosion is atypical for this. The origin of the video is mysterious. The sequence shows the beginning of the explosion, as if it were expected and the camera was in fixed position. The distance is several kilometers....... and sound cannot be faster than light !
Was that the Iranian answer to the attack in Natanz and the killing of important people ? I think, Yes. Very dangerous !

April 10, 2021
A so far unspecified act interrupted the internal electric power supply at Iran's Natanz nuclear site. Iran reported it just hours after starting up new advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium. Meanwhile it seems that in the part of the facility that was completely destroyed after an explosion, several thousand (?) centrifuges are unusable. Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman in press conference: "Inauspicious attack on Natanz facility was a crime against humanity as it could cause a disaster. If they (Israeli) wanted to undermine Iran's nuclear facilities, they should know they have just damaged (old) IR-1 centrifuges".
Note: Iran cannot be stopped with such actions as long as the terrible sanctions are continued. However, Iran has a security problem.
Now, Iran named a person, named Reza Karimi, allegedly responsible for the act of sabotage at the Natanz nuclear enrichment plant. The photo of the man was shown by state-run TV channels. Karimi's position at the facility was not explained. The person cannot be found.

April 06, 2021
US-Insider: Israel informed the United States it attacked the Iranian semi-military ship „Saviz“ in the Red Sea. The Israelis had notified that its forces had attacked the vessel on April 06 at about 7:30 local time in international waters near Djibouti. The ship was damaged below the water line.The engine room was flooded.
Note: Iran is well advised if it does not respond to this "offer" for naval warfare. Israel is in the stronger position because of its intolerable "Dolphin" submarines.

March 26, 2021
A date to remember ! Two of the Iranian ships Israel has attacked Israeli officials said. That includes the container ship "Shar-e-Kord", sailing 50 miles off the coast of Israel. With this admission, Israel has started the open sea war against Iran, as was to be expected after the hypocritical  attacks against its own ships.

Have ben the recent events the staged foreplay to Israeli open sea attacks to Iran?
According to an announcement, Israel has targeted Iranian tankers that go to Syria and mainly carry Iranian oil. Since 2019 Israel has been using spike-projectiles to damage some Iranian ships on their way to Syria in the Red Sea and other areas of the region. But all such attacks never confirmed by Israel.

March 2021
In the early morning hours of March 25, further Israeli-owned cargo ship was attacked by a "Dolphin" submarine. The freighter "Lori" was on route from Tanzania to India in the open Arabian Sea. The damage is always the same as before, precisely set holes. After a short disorientation, the ship resumed its course to Karachi. Calling Iran an aggressor is incomprehensible. The projectiles are always fired in "sight" of the target from a modern submarine that Iran does not have.

Israel accuses Iran of being responsible for the recent oil spill on its shores, calling the incident environmental terrorism. The spillage is said to have been caused by the Iranian oil tanker "Emerald", which sails under the flag of Panama. The tanker turned off its tracking devices after exiting the Suez Canal, which is not uncommon on the route to Syria. The tanker is said to have spilled oil into the sea on February 1 or 2. Israel's Environment Ministry said it had collected strong "circumstantial evidence" that this was the ship responsible for the spill, although are no "forensic evidence". The next mysterious story and the question of who should be influenced here.

February 2021
Something completely new. Are Israel's submarines damaging a ship of their own in order to be able to blame Iran without that is questioning by others? Very mysterious.
The ship's sides at the level of deck 3 of the Israeli-owned freighter "Helios Ray" (flew the Bahaman flag), sailing in the Gulf of Oman, was torn open by projectiles on the night of the 25th to the 26th. The ship's owner, Rami Ungar, said that explosions have left two holes in 1.5m diameter, just above the waterline. The holes are similar to that from known attacks on tankers and is caused by the same special ammunition as before.

January 2021
On January 04 Iran's IRGC Navy has seized a South Korean chemical tanker, the „Hankuk Chemi“. The tanker was heading from Al Jubail (Saudi Arabia) to Fujairah (UAE). This route took her past Iranian waters in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran justifies the seizing of the tanker with "oil pollution in Gulf waters"
This is the likely background for the Iranian action: About US$7 billion worth of Iranian assets is locked in South Korean banks after Washington tightened sanctions against Tehran. In April last year, Seoul gained sanctions exemption from Washington for exports of humanitarian goods to Tehran.
Concrete, it is now about the instant and problem-free release of this Iranian money for the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines from a global vaccine procurement program.

December 2020
Just before the end of the Trump era, another attempt at escalation. "Unknown" has, nice visible, attached a (non-functioning) limpet mine on the Iraqi tanker "Pola" anchored in the Persian Gulf. The limpet mine was built to look like an Iranian mine.

November 2020
Another sneaky and senseless commando action in which the Iranian nuclear scientist M. Fakhrizadeh was shot dead near Tehran on November 27th. We can guess who is behind this.
The foolish Trump will be gone soon, they have hurried. What arrogance !
According to Iranian sources, M. Fakhrizadeh was the 7th nuclear scientist to be murdered. The first nuclear scientist murdered in Shiraz in 2007 was A. Hosseinpur.
Not to be forgotten is the probably planned destruction of the rocket technology base near Bidganehin in 2011, at which H.T. Moghaddam and 38 further persons were killed.

July 2020

What further goals is Israel pursuing besides the destruction of the centrifuge factory in Natanz, Iran ?

January 2020

January 08 -- Trump is being tested by Iran with a (announced !) missile attack on the US military base Ain-al-Assad in Iraq. But that was not the final !
Iran's Ajatollah Ali Chamenei said in a televised speech on the missile attack on the US military base in Iraq that this action was only a "slap in the face" and was not a "subject of revenge" for Soleimani’s death. "Military actions of this kind are not enough," he said.

January 07
--The Iraqi parliament has demanded that US troops be withdrawn from the country. Trump threatens sanctions. Iranian parliament has classified all Pentagon commanders (Trump included) who were responsible for Soleimani's death as "terrorists".
"Americans should know that we discussed 13 scenarios in the National Security Council regarding a backlash, and even the weakest option would be a historic nightmare for the United States," said Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani.

January 03
-- Near Baghdad Airport a US-drone killed Ghassem Soleimani, one of Iran's most ranking and capable generals.

The crazy Mr.Trump (alias Sanctionator) threw a stick of dynamite into a powder keg. This uncultured and arrogant type is a shame for the American nation.

Iranian National Security Council: "The response to the assassination of Soleimani will cover the entire region."......

November 2019

Iran informs International Maritime Organization that "two other Iranian flagged tankers were similarly attacked in the same approximate area” as Sabiti in the last 6 months.
In a letter, the Iranian government said the "Happiness" and the "Helm" were targets of the previously undisclosed attacks, in April and August respectively. The the National Iranian Tanker Co. said the Happiness had suffered “engine failure and loss of control” and the Helm “technical issues.”

October 2019

Sneaky missile attack on the Iranian tanker "Sabiti"

September 2019 & March 2021

Devastating cruise missile attacks on ARAMCO's oil refineries in Saudi Arabia

(with analysis of suspected cruise missiles)

August 2019

The "Grace-1" (Adrian Darya) spectacle

July 2019

July 21 -- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)  has released a video how a special force boarded the British tanker "Stena Impero" from a helicopter.

July 20 -- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) released a video that in the time on July 18 show inspected warships (including USS "Boxer") and tankers in the Persian Gulf, hours before the destruction of the mysterious drone. Contrary to the statement that it was a drone (UAV) in the video, a revealing sequence in the video proves it was an Iranian helicopter  equipped with a moving camera. Iranian drones have generally wheels and not skids. The skids from the Mohajer-4 and Shahed-123 are not comparable with the skids in the video.

July 19 -- T
he leadership in Tehran has announced in early July consequences for the hijacked Iranian oil tanker "Grace 1" by the British Navy off Gibraltar. Iran has now hijacked a British tanker in the Gulf of Hormuz. The British-flagged "Stena Impero" was escorted to Iranian coast. That is the right answer  for Trump's "poodle". Britain should not interfere in Trump's personal "war" against Iran.

July 18 -- According to President Trump, the naval vessel "USS Boxer" destroyed an "Iranian" drone over the Strait of Hormuz because it had come too close to the ship. Tehran counters that Iran is not missing a drone. The provocateur (not Iran) is active again. This time he intentionally sacrificed a drone.

June 2019

Sneaky missile attacks on the tankers "Front Altair" and "Kokuka Courageous"

May 2019

Sneaky attacks on four ships in the waters off Fujairah Port (UAE)

April 2019

On April 30, the Iranian oil tanker "Happiness" suffered a reported malfunction. According to Iranian officials, the incident had while "Happiness" was on its way to the Suez Canal, and that water had leaked into the tanker’s engine room.  In its analysis, Dryad Maritime said the incident involving the "Happiness" bore "the hallmarks of a potential explosive incident."
In August another oil tanker, the "Helm", faced a "technical failure" while passing through the Red Sea.