Another irresponsible attempt to destabilize the region

by a sneaky missile attack on the Iranian oil tanker "Sabiti"

2019, October 14 -- Iran says, "Targeting Iranian tanker was not by a terrorist but it was conducted by a "state" in the region, and it will face the consequences.
Several rockets were fired at the Iranian oil tanker "Sabiti" from a side. Iran said that they had a video showing “a number of missiles” fired at the tanker, with two hitting the tanker itself. Taken from a camera on the tanker itself, the video show where the rockets were fired from and from what angle.
Pieces of rockets were found in tanker."

Comment: It looks like Iran has understood who "unknown" is and responsible for the incidents that happened in the last months.

2019, October 11 -- Iran reports: Explosion at Iranian oil tanker "Sabiti" in the Red Sea.
The oil tanker "Sabiti" belonging to the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) was hit and damaged by two missiles on this day, Iranian state news IRNA reported.
Two explosions has struck the oil tanker "Sabiti". The first explosion occurred at five o'clock local time, the second one 20 minutes later. The attacks damaged two segments at the starboard side. Oil flows out. The tanker was 60 miles from the port of Jiddah on the Red Sea when the incident occurred.

"Piracy and malice in international waters would not go unanswered", said the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Schamchani. "There are already first indications of the aggressor", said Schamchani.

Was the "unknown" provocateur active again? We know this pattern from the attacks in July 2019: Shooting in the early morning hours, if the starting point is not recognizable, but the daylight is already sufficient for a optical guidance of the projectile. Precise shots in the area of the waterline.

Pictures of enormous damages

The damage at the ship wall is very similar to those at the "Kokuka Courageous".
Optic guided projectiles hit the hull head-on and damaged the wall. Oil flows out.
The impact of the projectiles was perceived as an explosion.
New images suggested that more than two projectiles were fired.

At a weld, the in-pressed wall was broken up (Damage 1)


Damage 2

 Damage 1

Important in this context:
Israel has a remote-controlled  high-speed USV  "Protector", equipped with Rafael SPIKE projectiles, and a secret Naval Base in the Red Sea on the Dahlak islands off Eritrea coast