Hanbit SLV





INNOSPACE is a South Korean private spaceflight startup for small satellite launch vehicles. Innospace was found in 2017and have since then showcased faster progress, mainly due to the fact that the founder was a former employee at Hanwha Aerospace and worked as a solid propellant rocket engineer there.

Their goal is to develop 3 different LVs, namely Hanbit-N, Hanbit-M and Hanbit-S. These LVs range from a nanosat launcher of 50kg capacity to 500km SSO, to small sat launcher that can put 500kg into 500km SSO. Their engines are Paraffin/LOX hybrid motors that utilises electric feed cycle.

The Hanbit-TLV, an suborbital test launch vehicle, is to validate the first stage motor of Hanbit-N, which is a two-stage small satellite launcher capable of carrying a 50kg payload. Hanbit-TLV is a 15-ton thrust single stage hybrid rocket with a height of 16.3m, 1.0 m in diameter, and weight of 8.4 ton.

The planned suborbital test flight will be started from the Alcantara Launch Center in northern Brazil in 2022, December.