Eris NLV


Gilmour Space Technologies


Gilmour Space Technoligies successfully launched its first test rocket RASTA on July 22, 2016 - the first launch of a privately developed hybrid sounding rocket designed and built by a Singapore and Australian-based company.
GST has offices in both Singapore and Australia and intends to focus primarily on building sub-orbital rockets and well as orbital rockets, starting with a 6 to 8m-tall hybrid sounding rocket with a diameter of between 0.6 and 1.0 m.
"Our first line of business will be suborbital sounding rockets for research and in space technology demonstrations. We are also developing technology for our ERIS orbital small satellite launcher, which will have the capacity to launch 380 kg to a 200 km orbit."

The launch vehicle is three stages, each using HTP (high test peroxide) in a hybrid motor with a propriety high performance fuel. They also plan to launch a suborbital vehicle called Ariel.


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