Photo Gallery

Atlas V 500

AV-054 (OTV-4; X-37B)

AV-042 (NROL-39) with long fairing 5400-M

AV-034 (OTV-3; X-37B)

AV-026 (OTV-2; X-37B)


AV-025 (NROL-41) with long fairing 5400-M

AV-012 (OTV-1; X-37B) with short fairing 5400-S




Space plane X-37B


The original X-37A was to feature an Rocketdyne AR-2-3 engine for maneuvering and deorbiting, which uses Kerosene JP-8/Hydrogen Peroxide as fuel and oxidizer.
Later (X-37B) the propulsion system has been changed to a hypergolic Hydrazine/Nitrogen Tetroxide engine (R-4D ?) with a robust propellant load for maneuvering in space and for the deorbit burn.


X-37A with AR-2-3 main engine



X-37B with R-4D main engine ?

X-37B (OTV-4)