The new Delta-Lite vehicle, with a GTO capability of 0,650 tons, will, as with the other Delta  vehicles, rely heavily on proven technology to provide a reliable launch service with minimum risk to the launch paying customer. The first two stages of the Delta-Lite will be the Castor  120 solid rocket motor, as previously used on Taurus and Athena. In addition, the third stage to be used for Delta-Lite is the Aerozine50/Nitrogen tetroxide  second stage currently used in the Delta II program. If required a Star 37FM fourth stage may also be employed to provide  the maximum GTO capability. Payload fairings will be borrowed from the Delta  II, with the  standard fairing being the Delta 10 feet diameter shroud. Again, enhancement may be achieved by the use of two strap-on Castor IVB solid  motors increasing the vehicles lifting ability to 0.837 tons to GTO.