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Project Cora

As part of the ELDO (European Launcher Development Organization) Europa program, it was envisaged to test the upper stages of the launcher by using an experimental rocket named Cora. This rocket was to comprise a Coralie first stage (France), an Astris second stage (Germany) and a fairing (Italy). The Cora 1 version was to comprise only one active stage topped by mockups whereas the Cora 2 version was to be a two-stage vehicle. Only the first version was actually carried out and tested three times.
The Coralie stage was was 5.50 m long, 2 m in diameter, weighed 12 t and carried 9.85 t of storable propellants (NTO and UDMH). Its four nozzle engine developed 268 kN (Isp = 280 sec) in vacuum. In Cora version, the nozzle divergents were shorter to be adapted to low altitude operation, in contrast to the later Coralie version. A cylindrical back ring supporting four fins had been added at the base of the stage.
With his specific fairing, although derived from that of Europa, Cora measured 11.5 m high, for a constant diameter of 2 m, and weighed 16.5 t at takeoff. Three rounds were launched.


Diamant projects on base Cora


Advanced Diamant


Cora (L-10)


P4 (Rita I)


Black Diamant


Cora (L-10)

Black Arrow (2xBS625)




In Cora version, the nozzle divergents were shorter,
 in contrast to the later Coralie version.