Probably is the Paektusan-2 identical to the Safir-0 IRILV. The Paektusan-2 has used a  stretched Nodong , added by a newly created second stage.

The Nodong is stretched about  ~5.50 m. Then this stage carries 18.790 kg of  UDMH/AK-27 propellants. The stage  is propelled by a Nodong engine again, that burns for 160 seconds with a thrust of 284 kN (s.l.). The second stage perhaps is a new stage propelled by two small engines similar the Safir IRILV.

The Paektusan-2 only one time launched on July 05, 2006 and exploded. Further attempts were discontinued in favor of the Unha-1 development.

Probably a Paektusan-2
To see is the open end of the second stage with cable duct, followed of the first stage adapter

(like Safir HUS.0001)