Makeev State Rocket Center

In application, composition and used propellant the Urengoi space rocket system is a similar to the Riksha system. The difference resides in ideology of the launch vehicle design: the system is assembled on the basis of a single launch vehicle of tandem configuration (two series-arranged sustainer stages).
The launch vehicle can be equipped with boosters of various types.
The first stage engine is a RD-0141 (2,251 kN thrust), and the second stage engine is a RD-0143 (343 kN thrust). Both with LOX/Methane as propellant.
Both engines have an afterburning scheme of reducing gas from gas-generator. Use of this scheme in the main engines provides higher reliability and safety.
The second stage can be created on the basis of the third stage (Е unit) of Soyus-2 LV. In this case its diameter will be equal to 2.66 m.
The nose fairing is released after separation of the first stage.
The instrument/equipment section accommodates on-board equipment of the control system, measuring system, abnormal flight safety control system and components of the thermo-control system.
The control system with correction made by external references allows obtaining high accuracy in injecting spacecraft into required orbit.
The measuring system allows to obtain telemetry information about the rocket and its systems operation at all phases from launch preparation till the moment of payload separation.
The cases of the stages are all-welded, with honeycomb structure, manufactured from extra strong aluminum-magnesium alloys.