Makeev State Rocket Center

Russia's 2006-2015 Federal Space Program envisages the development of a reusable space rocket system capable of putting 25-35-ton payloads into low earth orbits. Vladimir Degtyar, head of Makeev State Rocket Center (GRTs), told that in 2006 the enterprise, together with engine, control system and launching equipment developers (KBKhA Design Bureau for Chemical Automation, KBKhM Design Bureau of Chemical Machine-Building, Research Institute of Machine-Building, NPO of Automatic Equipment), developed a preliminary study report on the Rossiyanka two-stage rocket with a reusable first stage.
A key feature of the developed concept is forming a ballistic trajectory of the first stage's return to the cosmodrome and its soft landing using operational engines.
A non-running landing on a small area located at a safe distance from the launch point is used, with no binding to airfields.
Makeev GRTs proposed to develop a family of rockets based on a single gas-generator Kerosene/LOX engine and a 10-ton LH2/LOX engine for upper stages.
The control systems for the first and second stages are based on the Soyuz-2 control system. An operational flight program will be accomplished if one of the first stage sustainer or steering engines falls during any phase of flight.
The study project will be considered in the late 2008 and a future space rocket intended for launches from the Vostochny Cosmodrome will be selected. The development of a new rocket System will require 7 to 8 years.