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Angara evolution

Early concepts

A-1.1: A-1.2; A-3; A-5

A-1.1; A-3; A-5: A-7

Intermediate concept (2008)

A-1.2;  A-3; A-5; A-5P (TKS)

Latest concept

A-7; A5 (PTK); A-5; A-3: A-1.2

   New Angara-A5V concept


                               Angara A5V and Heavy Angara A5V(P)

                             KVTK (Angara A5V) with RD-0146 cryogenic engine

   Canceled variants of a future KVTK upper stage

KVSK/KVTK upper-stage concept for future Angara rockets

Main engine RD-0146D
SOZ thrusters (16) 11D428A
Control thrusters (16) S5.142A