Systema Avarinovo Spassenya (SAS)

The Soyuz rescue system SAS (Systema Avarinovo Spassenya) uses several different solid propellant motors. The main motor (TsRD) initially had 12 annular thrusters. It reached a total thrust of 785 kN with a burning time of max. 6 sec. The performance of the SAS has been increased several times over time. It should be mentioned that type 2a was already used for the moon program on the Proton-K (7TK-L1; 7T1L). The SAS type 3 is disconnected 114 seconds after the launch. The boosters follow 4 sec later. The shroud will separated 43 sec after the SAS has been separated.



  Soyuz 1-11 (SAS type 1)


TsRD - Центральный ракетный двигатель

URD -  Управляющие ракетные двигатели

RDR - Ракетные двигатели разделения

  Soyuz 12 -15, 17-18, 20-21 (SAS type 1a)


  Soyuz 16, 19-ASTP, 22 (SAS type 2)


  Soyuz-T (SAS type-2a)


  Soyuz-TM/TMA/MS (SAS type-3)