Kaituozhe   KT-2


China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.

Formerly project:

KT-2 (Kaituozhe-2) rocket-variants are all-solid-propellant, three or four-stage orbital launch vehicles possibly based on the design of the DF-31/DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

Developed by Solid Fuel Rocket Carrier Co. Ltd., the KT-2 was designed for geosyncronous (GTO) and polar orbits missions with an estimated payload capability of 300kg. With an estimated launch mass of 40 t, the KT-2 consists of a 1.70 m diameter first stage motor, topped by a large and a short stage motor of 1.00 m diameter.

KT-2A  is designed for polar orbits missions with greater payload capability (~400 kg and up to three separate payloads). The vehicle consists of two solid boosters with 1.00 m diameter, two 1.70 m diameter core and second stage motors, a 1.00 m diameter third stage motor, and an enormous fairing.

Note: This project was not realized

Models of KT-2 and KT-2A




Nothing is known about the new Kaituozhe-2 (Kaituo-2). It seems that it is an upgraded KT-1 (klick "Versions").