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Compass-G #8 (2019-27)

TJS #3 (2018-110)

Tian Lian #4 (2016-72)

Compass-G #7 (2016-37)

Compass-M (3S) with YZ-1 space tug (2016-06)

Compass-G (1S) with YZ-1 space tug (2015-19)

 YZ-1 space tug 


China launched a new Baidou navigation satellite (identified as Beidou-3G (1S) into orbit. The CZ-3CE was topped by a new hypergolic bipropellant space maneuvering stage named Yuanzheng 1 (YZ-1).

The rocket's LH2/LOX third stage inserted YZ-1 and Beidou satellite into a 194 x 25,307 km x 55 deg orbit. YZ-1 then fired its MMH/N2O4 fueled 490 N thrust engine YF-50 twice, first to raise the apogee to 35,785 km and then, hours later, to circularize the orbit at 35,786 km, creating an inclined geosynchronous orbit.



Chang'e 5T1 on new CZ-3CE launcher and reentry capsule