Chang Zheng       CZ-11


China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)

CZ-11 (Changzheng-11)
The most unknown model of all China’s new space rockets is the Changzheng 11 (CZ-11), which was described to be a small solid-propellant launch vehicle.

2013,  March 04 -- China's first solid-fuel rocket CZ-11 will be ready to make its first launch before 2016, a senior official in the country's space industry says.
The rocket will be easy to operate and cost-efficient to launch, Liang Xiaohong, deputy head of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, told China's state-run Xinhua new agency.
It can remain in storage for long periods and reliably launch on short notice, he said.
"The development of the CZ-11 will greatly improve China's capabilities to rapidly enter the space and meet the emergency launching demand in case of disasters and emergencies."


2015, August 25 -- First successful orbital launch of CZ-11

First informations:

Launch wight 58 t, 20.8 m length, 2.0 m max diameter, three stages + PBV, first stage thrust 120 t, SSO 350 kg