The upcoming Iranian three-stage solid propellant missile "Sejil-2"

Norbert Brügge, Germany

Upload: 28.11.2020

New images of the Sejil missile shown in a video from 2020 suggest that this missile has come into focus. It can also be concluded that since the first demonstration in 2008 and 2009, a "mass" production is now possible.

Presumably it will also be the missile that, by adding a third Salman-1 TVC stage, becomes an LRBM, which in terms of range and operational capability exceeds everything that Iran possesses in a terms of threat potential. It is estimated that this missile will have a range of about 3300-3700 km with a 830-900 km apogee in the trajectory.

Aside from that, this three-stage Sejil-2 will likely also be used for the announced Zoljanah SLV by adding a kick-stage.