What are the dimensions of the new Iranian Salman TVC solid-fuel rocket motor

Norbert Brügge, Germany

Upload: 02.03.2020

Iran is now able to manufacture carbon filament motor cases for solid-fuel missile. The new Raad-500 missile and a solid-fuel motor called Salman TVC were recently presented in a video.
The Raad-500 is the successor to the Fateh-110 and its variants and has a 10 cm wider carbon filament case.

The Salman TVC motor is of greater interest. According to my analysis, the diameter is 1.30 m. The aluminum casing would be 2.00 m long and the swiveling composite nozzle would be around 1.00 m long.

 My analysis is based on comparative measurements in images taken from the video. In this context, the Raad-500 with the determined diameter of 0.716 m and the trestle of 0.60 m height were the basis.

The Salman TVC motor is suitable to operate as the third stage for a Sejil-2 LRBM. The launch of an as yet unknown Zoljanah SLV, which is certainly based on the Sejil, has been announced for mid-2020 with the Nahid-1 # 2 satellite. Zoljanah SLV will replace the retired Safir-1 SLV.

Raad-500 (dimension)

The new guidance unit is conical

Raad-500 diameter is probably 0.716 m

The diameter is also here visibly larger in comparison with Fateh-110

Salman TVC (dimension)
Determined on base the photos of Raad-500


In order to hide the true diameter, all men at the motor stand on a socle, including the journalist