North Korea's modified "Pukguksong-1" SLBM (PS-1mod)

Norbert Brügge, Germany


2022, October -- A further test launch

2022, April 25 -- On the parade

2021, October - 19 -- North Korea has confirmed the reported launch of the SLBM from a submarine with photos. This is without a doubt the type of PS-1 mod was presented at the exhibition. The significantly longer WH, the roll fins and the start mode using a gas dynamic piston are new. The used Sinpo-class submarine is unchanged, the launch tube possibly.
Note: T
he PS-1mod is not identical or derived from the PS GLBM-2. Here is an overview.


2021, October 12 -- In a presentation of the North Korean missile arsenal, a Pukguksong-1 SLBM with modified WH and new cable duct is shown. The old model of a PS-3 beside to it illustrates the different dimensions once again.

On closer inspection, the gas dynamic piston with the grid fins and the covers for the roll fins can be guessed at the PS-1 mod.