What of kind is Iran's new missile "Khorramshahr"
(it looks as if it is a Hwasong-10 clone variant with its R-27 SLBM technology)

Norbert Brügge, Germany

Upload: 06.10.2017

2017, Sept. 22 -- The new Khorramshahr missile was shown at this day during the military parade for the first time. This missile have a range upto 2000 km, the Iranian military say.
Diameter and propulsion are not called official. The cable duct and the engine are not visible. But it looks as if it is a Hwasong-10 clone variant with its R-27 SLBM technology.



New analysis: Diameter 1.50 m, length about 13.5 m because a guidance unit is added

Location unknown

This pictures from a video documented probably the launches in July 2016 and January 2017

Two failures of this missile have been reported so far, which shows that the Iranians as also the North Koreans are not able to master this technology safely.

2017, Febr. 02 -- It was reported that on January 29 a rocket launched from the Semnan site. After about 900 kilometers ended the flight catastrophically shortly after separation of the shroud due to a engine malfunction.

it exploded after.
Comment: Possibly a further test of the new Khorramshahr missile.

2016, July 11
-- Iran have made on 11 July near city of Semnan an attempt to launch the new "ballistic missile", based on North Korean technology. Citing intelligence officials, the test failed shortly after lift-off.
: Probably a test of the new Khorramshahr missile.

This looks very much like a catastrophic ending