Overview of Iskander-like SRBM's

Iskander-like missiles transport sub-munitions into the target along depressed trajectories without leaving the atmosphere.
The flight is controllable by jet vanes and / or fins. They are sometimes called “quasi-ballistic” missiles.

1. The original: Russian "Iskander" (9M723)

The Iskander missile is 7.28 m long and has a body diameter of 0.91 m. The power of the motor is unknown.

The KH-47M2 "Kinschal" is just a variant with thrust vector steering, dropped from an airplane.

2. Ukrainian "Grom"

The "Grom" is in the development phase. Dimensions of the missile are unknown. The motor is probably not identical to the Iskander motor. The thrust is 171.6 kN at 264 sec Isp and a fuel weight of about 2.65 t. A burning time of 40 seconds is achieved.
The total weight is 3.153 t.


It is very likely that the "Grom" is now operational and responsible for the attacks in Crimea against the Russian invaders.


3. South Korea's Hyunmoo-2

The Hyunmoo-2 is a development based on the motor of the U.S. Pershing MGM-31D. The thrust of the motor is 172 kN with a burning time of 58 sec. The motor is 3.68 m long, has a diameter of 1.02 m and weighs 4,148 kg.
The Hyunmoo-2C variant has a modified WH comparable to the Pershing MGM-31D.

4. North Korea's Pukguksong  GLBM-1

With a diameter of 1.10 m and a length of about 7.2 m, the Pukguksong GLBM-1 consist of the original Pukguksong-1 SLBM first stage motor.

5. North Korea's Pukguksong GLBM-2

With a diameter of 1.10 m and a length of about 8.70 m, the Pukguksong GLBM-2 surpasses all other known missiles of this type.
The motor is obviously an extended first stage of the Pukguksong-1 SLBM.

6. China's M20 (DF-12)

Probably the M20 belongs in this category.
The M20 is a Chinese development and is produced only for export. The motor has a diameter of 0.75 m. The total length of the missile is 7.82 m.
The M20 was presented for the first time at the Zhuhai Airshow exhibition in 2016.


Note: U.S. ATACMS does not belong to this category