Gilf Kebir 2004

  Zarzora Expeditions

Through Oases Bahariya, Farafra and Dakhla on way to south   On the road Briefing  

On way to Abu Ballas

"Mud Pans"


Camp in the desert

  Visit of the crater GKCF13  

Wadi Wassa

Arkenu dunes  

Gilf Kebir: Wadi Sura

 Cave Fog./Mest.


Lunch time






Aqaba passage On top of Aqaba On way to the Gilf Kebir plateau



On top of the western plateau side                    

  View from the eastern plateau side



Wadi Hamra


Camp in the Wadi Hamra


            Great Sand Sea




Nummulite Scarp; nearby Ain Dalla            
In the White Desert