Gilf Kebir 2002 & 2003

Oasis Dakhla; on hill the "Desert Lodge"

"Desert Lodge" Dakhla

The Gilf Kebir Expedition 2002

Landscape nearby oasis Dakhla; on way to the Gilf Kebir plateau

"Martian" landscape


Wadi Sura, nearby the cave of the swimmers

Western edge of the Gilf Kebir; Wadi Sura

Passage through a Wadi in the Gilf Kebir, Mestekawi's passage

Deep wadi nearby the Wadi Hamra in the northern part of Gilf Kebir

High cliff at western edge of  Gilf Kebir plateau

Camp in the Wadi Abdel Malik

Down to the large Wadi Abdel Malik


Camp in the Great Sand Sea

On the way through the White Desert

White Desert