Remarks to the geological origin of the hills "Eight Bells" at the southern Gilf Kebir (Egypt)

Norbert Brügge, Germany


Update 10.05.2017

The "Eihgt Bells" hills at the southern edge of Gilf Kebir plateau

Detail of  Landsat satellite


The conical high hills, named "Eight Bells", are located directly southern of the Gilf Kebir plateau. The geographical position is approximately 22° 47' N and 26° 16' E.
It is remarkable, that all eight hills are strung on a line. Up to now was not known, whether it is a particularity. However in images of the satellite "Landsat" we can see crater-shaped structures in the northwestern extension of the hills chain.
During a visit of the hills in 2006 the author has found now references for
volcano- tectonic processes. The hills chain is composed of basal fused Paleozoic sandstone on a fault. At different places large blocks represent the methamorhic basement. Basaltic plugs or a granitic intrusion were not found however. It could exist however a connection with the crater-shaped structures in the northwestern direction. Therefore magmatic processes are postulated as origin.
It have a connection with the wide-spread intrusive magmatism in the region, that has produced numerous craters and dykes.. (Clayton Craters, Gilf Kebir
Crater Field etc.)


Two of eight hills

Other hills

Blocks of red Paleozoic sandstone


Field with basement rocks

Sample 1 of Basement rocks

Sample 2 of basement rocks

Sample 3 of basement rocks

Sample 4 of basement rocks

Sample 5 of basement rocks