Geological highlights in South-Algeria    


Start from the camp in Tamanrasset

The driver crew

First basalt columns on the way to the Hoggar mountains

Overturned basalt columns

Guelta with granites above the Precambrian basement

Basaltic lava-field in the same guelta

Beautiful basalt columns nearby the Assekrem summit

Panorama view from top of the Assekrem

An unexpected coincidence

High noon; temperature under the tree: 35C

Geological meeting

New drinking water reserves

Granitic ring-pluton Tilhaliouine (23 18' N / 4 43' E)

Inside of Tilhaliouine

Granite wall of the Tilhaliouine

 On the way: Outcrop of methamorphic Precambrian sediments

Methamorphic Precambrian sediments

Outcrop of Precambrian marble

Ouksem -- a young explosive double-crater  (23 55' N / 5 49' E)
The eruption had imbued through a old granitic dome

The northern part of Ouksem with a soda-lake

The southern part of Ouksem with granitic walls

Typical ash-layers on the crater rim

First Tassili-sandstone on Precambrian basement

Paleozoic Tassili-sandstone with fluvial cross-bedding

Satellite-image from the outcrop of Precambrian marble, quartzite and amphibolite

The same strip on the bottom

Outcrop of Precambrian marble in this strip

Position: 22 55' 36" N / 7 33' 26" E

Again an outcrop of beautiful Precambrian marble

Position: 22 43' 11" N / 8 21' 09" E


Granitic ring-pluton Tin Eroras (23 43' N/ 8 30' E)

Inside the ring-pluton Tin Eroras

with contact-methamorhic sandstones on top

Isolated outcrop of cross-bedded Tassili sandstones

with ripple marks

The large Tassili plateau at the horizon

The Tassili plateau

Enormous walls of sandstones


TDiscordance between Precambrian basement and Paleozoic Tassili-sandstone ?


The geological tour is finished

in the Oasis Djanet