Sahara Trekking
  Some remarks and analyses to found geological structures and phenomena


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Geological structures on the Howar-Uweinat Uplift in the Western Desert (Egypt/Sudan/Libya)


Clayton Craters and other crater-like structures in Egypt and Libya

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Mysterious columnar sandstone structures in the Jebel Uweinat (Egypt/Sudan)


"Crater Kebira" (Egypt)

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  Genesis of the purple and white layers in western part of the Gilf Kebir (Egypt/Libya)


Pseudo-Shatter-Cones in the Western Desert


Subvolcanic and hydrothermal activities in the Bahariya Depression (Egypt)


The flood basalts of Widan el Faras (Egypt)


The Jasper Mountain (Gilf Kebir Crater Field)


The geological position of the layers in pharaonic "Ochre Quarries" (Western Desert, Egypt)


Granitic intrusions on the Howar-Uweinat-Uplift


New granitic ring-dyke intrusion was found (Jebel Uweinat)


Origin of Libyan Desert Glass (LDG)

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Origin of Dakhla Glass (DG)

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The Crystal Mountain in Egypt


A not credible message about the discovery of cometary material in the Egyptian desert


Origin of the structure "Eight Bells" (Gilf Kebir)


Permo-Carboniferous plant-remains in Northeast Africa


Fossil plant imprints in the Western Desert (Gilf Kebir, Jebel Uweinat)


Genesis and distribution of the Gilf Kebir Formation in the southwestern desert of Egypt


Paleoweichselia halfa n.sp. - a new species in Carboniferous layers from Wadi Halfa (Sudan) and SW-Egypt (Gilf Kebir)


Some images from Carboniferous layers in the Wadi Talh area (Gilf Kebir)


Structure and Geology of Jebel Uweinat in the three country triangle Egypt-Sudan-Libya


Structure and Geology of Gilf Kebir in the southwestern corner of Egypt


Holocene post-volcanic spring deposits in the Jebel Uweinat ?


Silurian layers at Jabal Bzimah (Libya)


The Jabal Asba and surrounding in Libya


Craters nearby flood basalts in centrally Libya


The so-called impact craters in Mauritania: Aouelloul, Temimichat and Tenoumer (+ the enigma of Guelb-er-Richat)


Are volcanic glasses and tektites of the same origin ?

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The Kamil Meteor Crater (Gilf Kebir region, Egypt)


 The origin of date palms in the Jebel Uweinat (Sudan/Libya)  


Photo Gallery - Hydro- and subvolcanic structures in the Western Desert (Egyt, Libya, Sudan)