Is the Jezero Crater a basin of a former glacial lake?

(and the delta is an eroded remnant of a moraine)

Norbert Brügge, Germany

The hope that Pover Perseverance's mission will find traces of life could not come true. The photos available so far from the mast- camera of the rover Perseverance suggest that there was a glacier lake in the Jezero crater and that the delta is the eroded remnant of a glacier moraine. The deposits in the delta are stratified, but contain a lot of larger angular boulders. Such boulders are abundant in the run-up to the delta. All boulders are remnants of the wind-eroded part of the formerly larger delta. The boulders are slightly or not rounded and do NOT indicate transport by running water. The moraine contains both dark and also bright boulders that should come from above the crater. The stratification of the fine sediments in the delta can only mean periodic activities of the glacier.

The location of the rover is in the transition area to a former glacier lake in the Jezero crater. The eroded bottom of the crater reveals a bright, partially pumice-like basalt outcrop. The number of large angular boulders from the eroded part of delta is already lesser.

The zoom view of an isolated remnant of the delta shows evenly layered bank-like deposits.
The numerous unrounded boulders along the eroded front edge of the delta are striking.

Edge of the delta in an eroding state

In the foreground boulders from the already wind-eroded deposits of the delta

Striation on boulders by ice movement ?


  Fluvial cross-bedding in the delta is that NOT. This are secondary structures that were come by periodic ice pressure