What are the stratified deposits in the linear elevation in the Jezero crater

Fluvial sediments, accumulations of remains from boulder disintegration or volcanic ash  ?

Norbert Brügge, Germany


Apart from the detected stratified deposits in the delta or in remnants of it, apparently stratified deposits were found on the previous path of the rover along the distinctive linear elevation between or downward the massive ultramafic rocks in the elevation. An identification has not yet been successful.
In no case should it be fluvial deposits. Neither crossbeding nor a sorting of the components can be seen. Consequently, it can only be an accumulation of debris from disintegrated boulders and / or volcanic ash.

The first stratified deposits were probably seen at sol 155-158. Other amazing sightings were made at sol 168-169 and sol 173-176:

Sol 168-169


The rover travels northwest in the depression. More puzzling becomes at the elongated linear arrangement of the elevation with the boulders. Typical layered disintegrated products (and/or ash layer !?) are present between the blocks. Shreds of lava (?) in boulders crust and layered deposits are remarkable.

Sol 173-176

Elevation with outcrop of consolidated volcanic ash layers ?

The rover travels northwest in the depression and more puzzling the elongated linear arrangement of the elevation with the boulders becomes. Further details were photographed at sol-173 to 176. Presumably, the examined section of the elevation is stratified and consolidated deposits of volcanic ash (!?).