The rover "Perseverance" now has reached the delta scarp

-- Now we clearly see the transported huge blocks of cyclically deposited volcanic ash layers --


Sol-461: The rover is now standing on outcropping ash deposits at the eroded edge of the delta


Sol-464. A breccia like conglomerate of coarse volcanic particles (ash (!?)

A porous volcanic rock with a strange and peeling coating. We have seen the same before in Phase-1 of the mission.

An interesting close-up of the ash layers invites speculation.

My suggestion:
This stratification is primary and documents periodic volcanic ash rain. They occur in huge blocks in the moraine of the delta and were transported to this location by a dry ice glacier. The cracks in the blocks are a good indication of such transports.


In further close-ups, the structure of the deposits is clearly visible. Surprisingly, it is teeming of the "coffee bean"-like globules therein.
 And, if that is not volcanic ash, I am not a geologist anymore.

Example for more solidified cyclically deposited volcanic ash.

                                 Downfallen igneous boulders on eroded ash layers.                                  Two pieces of tiny-grained and coarse-grained volcanic ash side by side.