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About me und my profession

I studied from 1962 to 1967 geology at the Humboldt University in Berlin and graduated with a diploma. According to the topic of my diploma thesis, I have specialized in paleontology. Professionally, I have continued this specialization. Due to disagreements with the political system in East Germany (former GDR) at the time, I had to change my job after 10 years. The paleontologist became hydrogeologist (with experience in flow simulation).

My special interests: Geology and paleontology of the Sahara
My parallel interest: Rocket technology
My strength: Analytics

My publications:

2017  -- Carboniferous plant-fossil Paleoweichselia halfa n.sp. -- A new species of the Genus Paleoweichselia POTONIE & GOTHAN (1909) in North Africa (Sudan/Egypt)
              PDF (online)

1977 -- Silesiathyris n.gen. (Brachiopoda, Zeilleriidae) -- ein neues Genus aus dem Unteren Muschelkalk von Gorny Slask (VR Polen).
             Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften, Berlin, Heft 5, Seite 663 - 675,  2 Abb., 1 Tab., 3 Taf.

1974   -- Zur Kenntnis von Dielasma elongata (SCHLOTHEIM, 1816), einer Leitform (Brachiopoda, Terebratulida) aus dem Werra-Zyklus des germanischen Zechsteins
             Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften, Berlin, Heft 2, Seite 185 - 205, 7 Abb., 1 Tab., 4 Taf.

1973  -- Zur stratigraphischen Einstufung des Oberdevon-Profils "Alte Heerstraße" bei Schleiz, Bezirk Gera. (by Conodonts and Cephalopods)
             Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften, Berlin, Heft 3, Seite 319 - 327, 1 Tab., 2 Taf. (Extract of the diploma thesis)

1973  -- Eremithyris n.gen. (Brachiopoda, Dielasmatidae) -- ein neues Leitfossil aus dem Hauptdolomit des germanischen Zechsteins.
             Zeitschrift für Geologische Wissenschaften, Berlin, Heft 2, Seite 195 - 213, 9 Abb., 3 Tab., 2 Taf.

1970s -- Many foraminifera, photographed and determined, in thin sections from drilling cores in limestone-deposits of Lower Carboniferous (German Baltic Sea coast).
               Not published scripts, because at this time officially classified as secret material.
               In February 2019, the entire material was handed over to the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the University of Cologne (Prof. Dr. H.-G. Herbig).
              Note: Where the numerous thin sections to the samples are archived today, I do not know.